Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Depotting Time & Easy DIY Hello Kitty Palette

Hello my lovely Dolls! ;)

I wanted to share my depotting adventures with you today lol. The shadows that I depotted were a gift from my sister  for Christmas which was the Flirt! Cosmetics 40 Eyeshadow palette. I'm very late on depotting these. Flirt! is from the same company as MAC and Estee Lauder. I love these shadows, they are very pigmented and are easy to blend. From what I know Flirt! can be purchased at Kohl's but unfortunately here in Hawaii, we don't have a Kohl's so I was very happy to receive this from my sister. I usually depot my shadows with my flat iron but I didn't need to use any heat for these because they popped right out of the plastic packaging. I wasn't able to fit all 40 of the shadows into one MAC palette so there are 20 from Flirt! in each palette and I had to add 6 more MAC shadows to fill them up, some of which are pro. There is one that got cracked, as you can see in the picture, which devastated me lol. 95% of my MAC shadows are still in the pots but after this depotting session I am strongly considering depotting the rest of my MAC shadows. They're so much easier to look for this way. I prefer to take out the 15-pan insert so I can fit 26 shadows, I'm all about consolidation, more room for more makeup! lol.

Depotting Flirt! Cosmetics Limited Edition 40 Eyeshadow Palette

The finished product!

One of my girlfriends told me that our Target here finally has e.l.f. products. So I made my way down there to pick up a few things. I remembered a video where one of my favorite YouTube gurus, BayLovesPow, shared a cute idea for the e.l.f. 4-pan palettes. I picked out some inexpensive Hello Kitty stickers and 2 of the e.l.f. 4-pan palettes. The stickers were 1.19 (2 sheets) and the palettes were 1.12 each. I already had some Seche Vite top coat at home. All you do is decorate the front of the palette with whatever stickers you want. Press down on the stickers to make sure they are all smooth. Finish it off by painting over the stickers with Seche Vite top coat so it's lacquered on there. These are a great affordable alternative to purchasing MAC 4-pan palettes and it's so easy to do. :)

Hello Kitty Stickers, e.l.f. 4-pan eyeshadow palette, Seche Vite top coat

Plain e.l.f. palette, cute Hello Kitty palette :)

Who said cheap had to be boring?

Fill your new palette with any shadows of your choice and you're good to go! ;)


Heather said...

I love the Hello Kitty! I like having everything in palettes too...I find I forget about them otherwise!

LJ said...

Heather: yes so true!! i need to be a pot to palette convert lol.

Mara said...

I have 3 of the ELF palettes and I need to do this for all 3 of mines. Too cute and so easy to do.

MissKatv said...

Thanks for sharing. would by my elf palette next time :D Hello kitty is so cute :D

jilliandanica said...

That's super cute!!!! I love the white palette and the HK!

Ev said...

great idea!! i need to buy stickers!

Angelique said...

Great idea! I have a palette from elf. I need to try that :D

LJ said...

thanks ladies! yes, do try it if you have the e.l.f. palettes. ;)

Katrina said...

sooo cute! and i didn't know mac e/s could fit the elf palettes!

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