Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Haul: Nubar, Zoya, Orly & BB Cream

Hello my lovely ladies!

I know I've been a little MIA and I do apologize. I just recently did makeup for a wedding and it was so beautiful, I can't wait to share it with you all so stay tuned. Hope you all are doing well! And a quick thank you to all my new followers! ;)

I just wanted to share with you a haul from a few weeks ago. These were actually early Mother's Day goodies from my other half. :) As I mentioned before, I just started getting into nail polishes and I'm really loving Orly and Zoya. I was browsing through some reviews on Yelp and came across a local nail supply store here. Apparently they have been around for 25 years and is owned and operated by a licensed technician and they supply all of the salons here in Hawaii. Can't believe I never knew about this place and I was born and raised here! lol. This place is awesome, on the first Sunday and Monday of each month are their 'Sale Days' where everything is 20% off. But to celebrate their 25th anniversary, they had a generous 50% off store-wide sale and I just couldn't pass it up. I also ordered 2 BB creams from ebay. The colors were a tad light for me, but I've been using them as a makeup primer underneath my Make Up Forever Duo Mat Powder and the results are amazing, I don't even need a concealer when I use it because it's so pigmented. Love it. Here's my haul:

Top: Nubar Prize, Zoya Breezi, Kieko (<3!), Poppy, Akyra, Irene, Ki, 2 Zoya Remove+ (gave one to my mama for Mother's Day ;)
Bottom: Nubar Jewel, Orly Bon Bon, Two-Hour Lunch, Petit Four, Star of Bombay, Chantilly Peach, Missha Vita Matte BB Cream, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

I'm so sad to learn that this place is closing after 25 years in the business. They are having 50% off until the 28th, which will be their last day. *sniff, sniff*

Have any of you tried the Missha BB Cream? What are your recent nail polish purchases? ;)


jilliandanica said...

NICE HAUL!!! Missed your posts. I was wondering where you had skidaddled off too hehe.

A Fine Balance said...

Hmm I am going to see If I can pick up some Orly and Zoya nail polishes!


Neeyuh said...

Nice haul! You got some really great colors! Too bad about that store though, it always happens when you find something good lol. I've recently hauled a bunch of nabi polishes, they're really good and only $1! :)

JC! :) said...

i've been wanting to try BB cream for a while but haven't really gotten that last motivating push just yet... however i did have a pretty recent essie nail polish haul. love your blog!

D.Sadie said...

Nice haul! I love the different colors. =)

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