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Review: Jordana Blushes in Blushing Rose & Bronze

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I have been a fan of Jordana Cosmetics for quite some time now. I don't think that their products get enough attention so I wanted to share a couple of blushes from the brand that I really love. When it comes to Jordana, it's one of those hit-or-miss brands. Thankfully the price tag on their products won't make you feel guilty for trying them out. The Jordana blushes are a total hit for me. ;)

Jordana Powder Blush
Product Category: Cosmetics
Product No. & Shade: 37 Blushing Rose & 2 Bronze
Price: $1.99-$2.49
Made in: U.S.A.
Where to buy:,
Product Description:
- Color-True Tints for Cheeks
- Face Looks Youthful & Refreshed
- Accentuates, Sculpts & Contours
- Velvety-Smooth Formula Blends Easily

Product Photos:

Jordana Blushes in 'Blushing Rose' & 'Bronze'

My Personal Experience: The very first Jordana blush that I bought years ago was Rouge which is a bright coral pink. I bought it for $1.49 at my local CVS, thinking to myself that if it was a crappy blush I wouldn't feel so bad because it was less than $2. Surprisingly when I used it I was shocked at how pigmented it was so I just had to go back for more. A couple of days ago I came across these two Jordana blushes which were in the clearance bin for $0.50. Yes, 50 cents! I would've been crazy not to walk out with both of them! My swatches do not do these blushes any justice. They come in 2.2 gram pots with screw top lids. They are soft and velvety smooth and a little goes a long way. They are much more pigmented than my swatches present them to be. Blushing rose is such a gorgeous color and unfortunately my camera wasn't able to capture it in all its gorgeous glory! The website describes it as a 'plum rose' in a pearl formula. I would say that's a fairly accurate description. It's not quite a pink, but more of a rosey plum with fine subtle gold shimmer. Bronze is, well, a bronze color that could be used as a blush or a bronzer, hence the name. It's not overly shimmery or frosty, it's just right. These blushes are of really great quality for less than $2 a piece. What's not to love about that? These blushes also last me all day and don't end up wearing off after a few hours like some other cheap drugstore blushes tend to do. The quality of these two shades are comparable to MAC blushes, in my opinion. If you love blush and are looking for cheap alternatives, do check these out as you may be surprised and won't be disappointed.

( + ) Pros:
• A nice selection of shades to choose from with different finishes
• Smooth application, not powdery
• Long-lasting with little to no touch-ups
• Very pigmented
• The price just can't be beat!

( - ) Cons:
• Some may not prefer a screw-top pot as it might be an inconvenience. However, these are easily de-pottable.

Price: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Overall: 5/5

Final Verdict: 19/20 = A

Would I re-purchase again? Yes!

You be the judge!
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*This product review is based on my personal opinion. I am not being paid to review this product as I have purchased this item with my own money. I am only one of many who have tried this product. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I have included other people's reviews on this product so that you may decide if this is something you may or may not want to try.*


River said...

Love the look of blushing rose!

Great review :)

Hussy said...

The blush and bronzer looks like they have a really pretty sheen to it, not to mention a lot of color. I think I've only tried a lip liner from that line.

aisyah De Cullen said...

I just can't get pass the top screw lid..XD they were quite some opportunity for me to grab these on sale but I was always reluctant because it would be a bother to unscrew each time..
great review..I always think Jordana blushes are awesome.. maybe someday I might try them..^^

Mara said...

I've never tried Jordana cosmetics before. I will have to give them a try since they are so inexpensive. :) Such a great buy & review.

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