Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Brush Finds: Eco Tools & High Definition Brush from Walmart

Hello Dolls! ;)

I wanted to share with you all some new brush finds that I came across in, of course, the makeup section in Walmart. Who here doesn't love Walmart? lol. Well I love Walmart and Target. ;) Anyhoo, the brush set is by EcoTools and the set was designed by Alicia Silverstone. My only gripe about this set was that it came with a brow & lash groomer. Pfft. Honestly they could've put in at least a concealer brush or even a lip brush would've made me a happy camper. Oh well, I'll make use of it somehow. I also saw a different set by Alicia Silverstone at Target, I don't remember what brushes were in it but it came with 4 brushes inside a plastic zip-up pouch. What drew me in to purchasing this set was of course the duo fiber brush. The little flower embellished cup is cute too.

EcoTools Vanity Brush Set by Alicia Silverstone

I've also heard a lot of good things about the High Definition makeup brushes and they always seem to be out of stock. Luckily this time they had quite a few brushes left. The one that caught my eye was this Precision Foundation brush. I knew I had to get it because I do not own a brush like this. The quality is very good for a Walmart brush. It feels as though it was made very well and it is really soft! I've only tried it out twice so far but I'll definitely have to write a review for this. So far it's been a pleasure to apply my foundation with and I like how it can easily get into the tight spots like the sides of my nose. I also like how it helped to blend my under eye concealer.

High Definition Precision Foundation Brush

I believe the EcoTools brush set was $12.99 and don't quote me on this but I think the foundation brush was around 6.49, maybe 6.79. If you get a chance to hit up your Walmart or Target, I would suggest giving these brushes a peep. :)


Angelique said...

Oohh I'd probably get the Ecotools one for the duo fiber brush. I've been wanting another one for a while.

jilliandanica said...

I love Alica Silverstone's EcoTools sets. I bought her earlier one which also had a duo fiber. It's pretty great but I do wish it had more of the white fibers. That HD Precision brush looks awesome though. Can't wait for your review!

Susan said...

Wow - I need to get in on this! Thanks for sharing.

LJ said...

Angelique: it's pretty good for an inexpensive brush. ;)

Jillian: yes i agree! i wish it was a taaad bit more dense but it's okay.

Susan: you're welcome! ;)

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