Thursday, March 25, 2010

MAC Give Liberty of London Haul

Hello beautiful bloggers and viewers!

Say no more, I know I've been slacking on the posts. There is really no excuse besides laziness lol. Just the task of taking the photos of what you've bought, uploading and editing them, watermarking them and then typing out your post, it can be a lil overwhelming sometimes. But if you haul a lot, you should definitely be on it because you'll be so behind-like me! lol. Anyway, there are still a lot of things I haven't showed you all that I hauled so they will just come as I go. Also, I really want to get back on youtube with the videos and I've been asking around and doing research on which cameras are best because personally, when I watch makeup videos I do look for good lighting and great camera quality. It just makes it better to watch. So look out for that as soon as I get the ball rolling. I've also went through my stash and put aside some things that I would like to put in my blog sale so stay tuned for that also. Oh and before I forget, I have my giveaway items put together already so I am just waiting to reach 100 subscribers. I'm in no rush to gain subs though, I only ask that you subscribe if you like my blog and actually want to subscribe. :) Again, I do apologize for the lack of posts. I know that a good beauty blogger is always consistent with a variety of posts to keep their viewers entertained, but I thank you for sticking with me. :)

Before the release of any MAC collection, I usually do my research on and and other various websites for product information and of course, swatches! Usually I'm able to decide on what will go on the 'to-get' list. Sometimes though, I'll be a little iffy and will have to see the products in person. So with that said, after seeing swatches, as far as the eyeshadows, I knew that I only wanted Bough Grey eyeshadow since I don't think I have anything like that in my collection. Being a veteran MAC addict, that's pretty much how I go about deciding on what to get from new collections now-being on the lookout for things that are foreign from what I do have in my collection-in other words, looking out for things that I believe would be a unique addition to my collection. Birds and berries looked gorgeous but after many had mentioned that it was pretty much the same as Strike A Pose-which I do have-I was going to skip on it. As far as the lipsticks, when I first saw swatches and read about the finishes of the lipsticks, I knew I wanted Peachstock and Petals and Peacocks. Peachstock because I am definitely a fan of peachy, beige, neutral nudes so it was a must. And although it is a Pro lipstick, I've never owned it. Petals and Peacocks because...I don't ever really get loud lippies like that but I thought it would be hot for Spring. For the blushes, I have to just come out and say that I am a total blush whore! When MAC came out with the Mineralized blushes, I went a little crazy. But I love blush so much, if I could only use ONE makeup product a day, I would definitely go for blush. I could do without the eyeliner, gloss and mascara but blush is seriously a must-have for me. Just a little bit can brighten up your whole face. I've gone out with only moisturizer and blush before. Anyway, I only wanted Prim and Proper. I had already seen Dirty Plum from the Riveting collection and I swatched it on my hand but it just didn't reach out to me. For the beauty powders, I usually just get at least one for collection purposes because of the cute packaging and compact mirror. I knew I wanted Shell Pearl.

Now here is what I ended up getting (no swatches since I'm sure everyone has already seen swatches of these):

Bough grey has a tiny bit of blue-ish/green-ish sheen to it. Very unique and I love it! I caved and got Birds and Berries because...I swatched it in the store and it was so beautiful! I thought, it is possible for 2 MAC eyeshadows to be ridiculously similar...BUT...they can't be EXACTLY the same, right? lol. When I went to the MAC store, I wasn't wearing any blush and the SA saw me swatching dirty plum and she offered to have me try it on. That was the end of that, I was sold. lol. Shell Pearl is soOOoOo gorgeous!! You could use it as a blush or a highlight over your blush for a beautiful light peachy pink glow. Summer Rose wasn't showing up on my hand no matter how hard I tried to swatch. For the lipsticks, I did get Peachstock which I love! Let me just say that I never ever used to try on any lip products at MAC, or any counter for that matter. But the SA said she could sanitize it so this was my first time trying on a lipstick in the MAC store. Boy, am I glad I started that because it really does make a difference if you actualy try it on and see it on yourself. Blooming Lovely was the first one I tried on and it was love at first sight. To be honest, if I had just swatched it on my hand and looked at the color in the tube, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. But I'm so glad I tried it because it is such a beautiful lavender color. Some say it's almost like Lavender Whip, which I don't own. Everhip was too sheer for my taste and I'm not very fond of corals. I took one look at Petals and Peacocks and told myself I would wear it probably twice for the rest of my life so I skipped. So there you have it, my GMLOL haul. And for the record, I didn't buy all of these because I do have a few gift cards that I've been saving for rainy days and special packaging collections. Overall, I'm quite pleased with everything that I got. Now, to build up the courage to actually open them up and USE them! lol. I know I can do it! haha! My next MAC haul post will be some lipsticks that I back to MAC'd for. But I know I need to put up an FOTD really soon. My blog doesn't have one yet!

Til next time, stay beautiful! :)


priincess said...

I can't wait to try their stuff out! i have to go this weekend to get a hold of this collection! i'm also madly searching for the gaga lipstick!

Kerry said...

You have some of the best blending skills I have ever seen.. the colours look great on you :D

juse said...

Love the vibrant colors, esp the lipstick! ^_^ and good luck on your birth! thanks for the comment, maybe I'll see you around Genki's one of these days... I'm a total fanatic for spicy ahi!

D's Beauty Corner said...

Wow, your skin looks great!

Risyaa♥ said...

I'm not sure if you have got this award before or not. But I nominate you.
Pls take it here (^^
I nominate you because you're blog is soo sweet~~ hehee..

<3 Risya

Makeup Geisha said...

@risya...aww thanks hun! that is so, SWEET! hehe ;)

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